The Value of a Good Mistake

It’s time to tell the truth: the name of this website is a mistake.

When I first undertook to start composing a few years ago I agonized over the name of this website. I thought of all sorts of different names, but eventually settled on The Organ In Praise. It was going to be a blog full of helpful tips and hints on the art of playing the organ in church. I set up the website, decided on a hosting company and registered the domain name. It was only after I completed registration that I discovered that I had made a significant and costly mistake: I had typed the word “Is” instead of “In”.

I was a bit upset with myself for doing such a foolish thing, but what was done was done. As I considered what to do, I had an interesting thought. Perhaps the most important thing about playing the organ in church wasn’t technique. Instead, the most important thing was the attitude by which we approached our service to the Lord and to our fellowmen. While playing the organ well with good technique is important, it is more important to develop the skills of humility, kindness, love and testimony that transform us from mere players into tools in the Lord’s hands that he can use to bless the lives of his children.

What a difference that mistake has made. It changed my life and helped me look for the good in all things. As I have looked for that good, I have found it and it has expanded my view of the church and the world. I have sought to do better and to be better, and my knowledge and understanding of my Savior has increased.

Any situation we find ourselves in, no matter how difficult or painful, can bring good into our lives. This is a lesson I continue to learn, because of a mistake.

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