If you like the music I provide here, please make a generous donation to the organ program at Utah State University.  You can donate online here — just make sure you donate to “other” and put “organ program” in the box.  You’ll help educate the next generation of students who will add to the heritage of the king of instruments.

One thought on “Donate

  1. I have just made a donation, as suggested, in your honor. Today, I downloaded and printed my second of your hymn tune voluntaries – Sing Praise to God (Mit Freuden zart) a hymn from the ancient Unitas Fratrum, which is used often in the modern Moravian Church. I am happy to add this to my files, as the hymn appears in the MBW (Moravian Book of Worship) four times, so it is sung fairly frequently. I have not, until now, had a decent prelude or postlude on it. Actually, I was hoping to find something on the tune “Wareham” for next Sunday. I don’t suppose you’d like to try your hand at that one…Thanks and God bless you.


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