Sunday Music

The music on this page is accompaniments to hymns found in the hymnal of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. This is not an official page of the Church.

Each of these hymns have an introduction and verses. Some of the hymns include verses which are found below the staves. These are noted below.

If you are looking for appropriate prelude or postlude music, check here.

New: You may now make requests! Add your request as a comment on this page and I’ll record it as I have time. Please note that I cannot record hymns that have a copyright notice.

Copyright © 2020 Harold H. Stuart. All Rights Reserved. Permission to copy is granted for non-commercial use.

To download these files to your computer, right click on the links below. The hymn numbers given are for the English hymnal.

Videos have been added for several of the hymns. If you would like to see words along with the music, click on the word “Video” after the name of the hymn.

Note: Due to a bug in your browser, you may get an error indication after trying to load a video. If this happens, reload the page and the video should open.

Sacrament Hymns:

Again, Our Dear Redeeming Lord (Video) (#179)
Again, We Meet around the Board (Video) (#186)
Behold, the Great Redeemer Die (all verses) (#191)
Father in Heaven, We Do Believe (Video) (#180)
Gently Raise the Sacred Strain (Video) (#146)
God, Our Father, Hear Us Pray (Video) (#170)
He Died, the Great Redeemer Died (Video) (#192)
How Great the Wisdom and the Love (#195)
I Stand All Amazed (Video) (#193)
In Humility, Our Savior (#172)
In Remembrance of Thy Suffering (#183)
Jesus of Nazareth, Savior and King (Video) (#181)
Jesus, Once of Humble Birth (Video) (#196)
O God, the Eternal Father (Video) (#175)
O Thou, Before the World Began (Video) (#189)
Oh Savior, Thou Who Wearest a Crown (#197)
Reverently and Meekly Now (Video) (#185)
There Is a Green Hill Far Away (Video) (#194)
‘Tis Sweet to Sing the Matchless Love (#177)
We’ll Sing All Hail to Jesus’ Name (Video) (#182)
While of These Emblems We Partake (#173)

Opening/Closing Hymns:

Abide with Me (Video) (#166)
Choose the Right (Video) (#239)
Christ the Lord Is Risen Today (#200)
Come, Come Ye Saints (Video) (#30)
Come, Listen to a Prophet’s Voice (Video) (#21)
Come, O Thou King of Kings (Video) (#59)
Come Unto Jesus (Video) (#117)
Come, Ye Children of the Lord (Video) (#58)
Gently Raise the Sacred Strain (Video) (#146)
Glory to God on High (Video) (#67)
God Is Love (Video) (#87)
God of Our Fathers, Whose Almighty Hand (Video) (#78)
Guide Us, Oh Thou Great Jehovah (Video) (#83)
He Is Risen (#199)
How Firm a Foundation (Vs. 1, 2, 3, and 7) (Video) (#85)
I Need Thee Every Hour (Video) (#98)
I Stand All Amazed (Video) (#193)
In Hymns of Praise (video) (#75)
Jesus, Savior, Pilot Me (Video) (#104)
Let Us All Press On (Video) (#243)
Now Let Us Rejoice (Video) (#3)
O God, Our Help in Ages Past (Video) (#31)
O Ye Mountains High (Video) (#34)
O Thou Rock of Our Salvation (Video) (#258)
Oh, Holy Words of Truth and Love (all verses) (Video) (#271)
Praise to the Lord, the Almighty (Video) (#72)
Redeemer of Israel (Video) (#6)
Sing Praise to Him (Video) (#70)
Sweet Is the Work (6 verses) (Video) (#147)
There Is an Hour of Peace and Rest (Video) (#144)
We Ever Pray for Thee (Video) (#23)
We Thank Thee, O God, for a Prophet (Video) (#19)