We Are All Enlisted (Montclair)

This is a setting of a hymn tune that is well-loved in my faith. It is sung to the words We Are All Enlisted. I like the lyrics because they speak of several things that my mother taught me when I was growing up:

  • Do not be weary in well doing. We are all enlisted until the conflict is over.
  • Do not complain when the going gets tough. Happy are we.
  • Be loyal to the Savior. Fight for our Savior, come, come away.
  • Trust in God, for Jesus, our Leader, ever is near. He will protect us, comfort, and cheer.

I’m still learning some of these things. It helps to be reminded of them on a regular basis.

You may notice that this setting isn’t terribly loud or boisterous, except in the center section. I tried to focus the attention on the Savior, who is represented in this section.

We Are All Enlisted — PDF

Download the audio here (right-click to download).

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