I Repent!

Those of you who follow this website will notice that I haven’t seemed to have written anything this past year. Sadly (?), this is not the case. I simple haven’t posted what I’ve written due to other priorities.

2022 was a complicated year for me. I went on a lengthy vacation long-delayed by Covid and changed jobs a couple of months thereafter. My new job has demanded much of my time and energy and, while I’m glad to have a great job in these difficult times, I’ve put getting my music out onto my website on the back burner. Such is life, but it’s really no excuse. Repentence is needed, and I will put the principle into practice. Several more numbers written in 2022 will soon make their appearance here on The Organ is Praise.

Thank you for your patience, and, as always, I hope that the works I post here are useful in your service to the Lord.

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