My Heavenly Father Loves Me

Each year the Church sponsors a music submission. The purpose of this submission, according to the Church’s website, is to “encourage the development of musical talent and to bring new musical works to light.”

Last year I decided to submit a couple of pieces to the submission and was a little surprised that one of my compositions was accepted and actually won an award. This composition is a setting of the Primary song “My Heavenly Father Loves Me”. This song has been one of my favorites since it first appeared in the “Sing With Me” book in 1969. That was, astonishingly enough, the year I was baptized.

All things do testify of the Father. He does indeed love us, and I am very grateful to be one of his creations.

The following link points to the Church’s website:

My Heavenly Father Loves Me — PDF

I hope you enjoy one of my creations, but give glory to Him whose creations we all are.



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