Brother James’ Air

I try to write my compositions for the beginning to intermediate LDS organist. There are many of these good people out there: people with love for the Savior in their hearts and a desire to use their talents for good. They may never be famous, but their influence is immense.

Brother James’ Air is a simple melody composed by the Scottish hymn writer James McBain. The words sung to its haunting tune are usually a paraphrase of Psalm 23. In keeping with the simple nature of this beautiful tune, I’ve tried to present it with minimal embellishment.

Some of you may notice that I usually have a dedication on my compositions. In order to earn a dedication, a person has to make a lasting positive impact on my development as an organist or composer. I still have a few people to recognize and I’m trying to write music worthy of their influence in my life. If you are one of those people and I haven’t dedicated a piece to you, don’t worry. Your turn is coming.

High on the list of those people is my dear wife Kathleen. Throughout the time I’ve known her, she’s always supported me. From the countless hours I’ve spent away from the family while I’ve been practicing, to the significant expenditure we made for the purchase of the organ you hear on this website, to me taking lessons again as a decidedly middle-aged man, she has always encouraged me even when things became, as they always do, very difficult. She is a fine woman, a great mom and a humble servant of our Lord. I have dedicated this setting to her.

I hope you enjoy it.

Brother James’ Air -PDF

Download the audio file here (right click and choose download).


5 thoughts on “Brother James’ Air

  1. Lovely piece. What sort of organ is it you’re playing these on, anyway? Also, the link to the PDF, above, is broken, at least for me.


  2. Harold, so nice to meet you and Sister Stuart on the last day of the workshop. I printed Brother James Air, and the Prayer of Thanksgiving this morning after I did my daily Indexing. Will work through them later today. The Prayer is on my schedule for November. Thanks for all your work. You are an amazing person. With love, Jerry Evans


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