Come, Rejoice

Come, Rejoice is a beautiful Restoration hymn written by Tracy Y. Cannon, a tabernacle organist. It’s unusual in our hymnal because it is intended to be sung in unison, something that we Latter-day Saints, with much of our hymn tradition derived from harmony loving Welsh pioneers, do not normally do.

I originally intended to write this arrangement completely as a trumpet tune. I realized, however, that many congregations in the church do not sing this hymn often, so I needed to introduce the melody in its original form before embellishing it too much. After that, I decided to set the tune in four part harmony before introducing the trumpet tune.

This arrangement is intended to be a postlude. I hope that you can find it useful in your service as an organist.

This arrangement is dedicated to Jay Evans, an excellent musician and friend who was my first piano teacher and is now a colleague in service to the Lord in the Oakland Temple.

Come, Rejoice — PDF

Download the audio here (Right-click and choose download).


3 thoughts on “Come, Rejoice

  1. I’m a sucker for a good trumpet tune, and of the arrangements you’ve published, this is certainly one of my new favorites.

    Can I ask how you go about making nice printable music? I have my preferred methods, but I’m curious to know how others do it.


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