Raise Your Voices To The Lord

In addition to my assignment in my home ward, I also have the privilege of playing for the outgoing missionary devotional for the California San Jose Mission.  This is a great meeting where missionaries who have completed their service bear their final testimonies before returning home.  It is a phenomenal, spirit-filled meeting that is a great missionary opportunity.

This meeting has special meaning to me because it was the meeting in which my son who I mentioned in an earlier post bore his last testimony.  He had worked in the mission office for three and a half years and had completed his labors.  We found out later that three people heard the testimony of a autistic young man that day, were touched in their hearts, and were baptized.  None of us knew that the Lord would call him home only six weeks later.

A meeting like this has different service music requirements than a sacrament meeting.  The hymns are bright and exultant and the Spirit fills the room.  The postludes I play here need to match the spirit of the meeting.

I wrote this setting of “Raise Your Voices To The Lord” for this meeting.  I hope you enjoy it.

Raise Your Voices – PDF

Download the audio here (Right-click and choose download).


One thought on “Raise Your Voices To The Lord

  1. I have appreciated your service on the organ in the outgoing missionary firesides and other occasions. This piece reflects the joy of the occasion.


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