My mother passed away last year.  She was an amazing woman who sacrificed greatly for her family.

Her death was fairly sudden and I was left to deal with a complex set of emotions that overlaid another serious trial in my life that was happening at the same time.  Fortunately, Mom had taught me well. She taught me to exercise faith in the Lord, to press forward even when things looked bleak (something I had seen her do many times) and to never doubt.  Her example has helped me many times.

About a month after Mom passed away a melody started running through my mind.  I though it would make a good tribute to Mom, so I captured it and started to work with it.

This composition is the story of my mother’s life.  It starts with the pre-existence and continues through her mortal life. The 4’ pedal section in the middle of the piece represents her passing. At the end of that phrase, there is only a fermata that represents her life in the Spirit World, as that time is indeed brief.

The next section represents the ultimate triumph of the Lord over death. The triumphal chords at the end of the section represent the resurrection. This section tapers out at the end as a moment of quiet contemplation after the victory is won.

The final section represents the fact that life is one eternal round. We don’t know much about it, but we do know that our Father still has a plan for her and that she will continue to move forward.

I hope you enjoy this composition.

Elegy — PDF

Download the audio here (Right-click and choose download).

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