Sing Praise To Him

The hymn “Sing Praise To Him” is an exultant shout of praise for Him who created all things.  It’s one of my favorite hymns, both because of its beauty and because it’s challenging to play on the organ.

Challenging music need not be feared.  It can be overcome with good training and good practice.  I typically sight read a piece and look for areas that are difficult.  Once I’ve practiced the more difficult sections, I gradually increase my speed and continue practicing until I can play the piece at full tempo.

Here I’ve taken the melody and put it in the pedals for the first verse.  The second verse is contrasting, with the pedals not used at all.  The final verse puts the pedals in their normal role of providing the bass.

I hope you enjoy it and can use it as a postlude someday.

Sing Praise To Him — pdf file

Download audio here (Right-click and choose download).


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