A few years ago a beloved teacher from my earlier years listened to me improvise at the organ and said something he had said to me many times:  “When are you going to write it down?”  I thought about it and decided that now was the time.  Since then, many people have encouraged me.  I’m grateful to them.

My name is Harold Stuart and I’m an organist.  The organ has been my musical passion since I was a young teen-ager.  I love the grandeur of its sound, from the soft subtlety and smooth beauty of its strings and flutes to the scintillating sounds of its diapasons and reeds.  Most importantly, the organ is my instrument because with it I glorify God.  For me, the organ is praise.

I’m a Latter-day Saint.  Most people call us Mormons.  Most of the music you will find on this blog is from the hymnody of my faith, but I occasionally stray into other areas.  If the music is beautiful and the hymn teaches correct principles, I’m interested.  Since we borrow extensively from the hymns of other faiths, you may find things here you like even if you are not a Latter-day Saint.

This blog is a journey for me.  Not only will I share my music, but I will also talk about some of the needs it was designed to fill.  If you want to skip the rantings of a decidedly middle-aged man, just download the music and enjoy.  If not, hopefully we can learn a few things together.

Feel free to use this music as you need, but please note that it can be copied for non-commercial purposes only.  If you want to use it for other reasons, please contact me at harold at haroldstuart dot org.

Some people will ask why this music is being given away for free.  In fact, it isn’t.  If you like the music I provide here, please make a generous donation to the organ program at Utah State University.  You can donate online here — just make sure you donate to “other” and put “organ program” in the box.  You’ll help educate the next generation of students who will add to the heritage of the king of instruments.

May the Lord bless you in his service.

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